The 3e Factor
Turning Strategic Thinking Into Reality by Developing Corporate Capability

The 3e Factor

Image - The 3e Factor Model

The 3e Factor is an innovative management consultancy specialising in business transformation, leadership development, and recruitment services, with its head office in Melbourne, Australia. Our focus is:

Transforming Strategic Thinking into Reality by Developing Corporate Capability

What is The 3e Factor?

The 3e Factor represents the three elements of business transformation - Engage, Energise and Empower. These 3 elements underpin our High Performance Cube capability development methodology, a unique process designed to transform business to the highest levels of performance and excellence.

The 3e Factor - High Performance Cube

Image - The 3e Factor High Performance Cube

Note: A full version of the High Performance Cube with point-by-point explanation is available in the Resources section to registered members. You may sign-up for free by clicking "register" in the right-hand menu.

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