The 3e Factor
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Knowledge Management

Knowledge Transfer Consultancy

You may be facing one or more of these challenges:

  • Your current processes may not be keeping your target audience, such as your Sales Force, fully informed and up-to-date on the latest critical information.
  • Your Subject Matter Experts may be frustrated by repeated phone calls and email from the target audience when they cannot find the information they need.
  • Content is not being adequately kept up to date.
  • The target audience regularly complains that it takes too long to find the content that they need to effectively do their job, or that the information is scattered over a number of systems or repositories.

The 3eFactor can assist your organisation to develop an integrated, managed knowledge transfer program. This program will strengthen your organisation’s ability to deliver the knowledge, communication and learning needed by your staff to fulfil their accountabilities.  It will optimise efficiencies, and effectively meet customer demands.

For more information, contact us or read more about the Knowledge Transfer ConsultancyPDF Button(pdf, 40 kb).

The Organizational Zoo: Productivity Through Knowledge

Developed by one of The 3e Factor team, the principles of The Organizational Zoo can be applied to stimulate productivity and enhance business performance.  Better relationships and improved quality of outcomes can be achieved for routine business operations and teams involved in significant change programs by highlighting the importance of a knowledge sharing culture.

This program is built around the concept that the more effectively your teams collaborate and share what they know, the more productive (and happy) they are.  Focusing on individual and team behaviour is a proven formula for success, building overall capability and increasing tenure of employees.

For more information, contact us or read more about The Organizational ZooPDF Button(pdf, 83 kb).