The 3e Factor
Turning Strategic Thinking Into Reality by Developing Corporate Capability

Outcomes and Change Management

The 3e Factor approach to Outcomes and Change Management is based on a redefinition of success in business transformation. It expands the focus beyond delivering projects or initiatives on time and on budget to include the delivery of outcomes or value desired from the activities and initiatives.

This expanded view incorporates four key principles:

  • Beginning at the end - focussing on outcomes
  • Moving from a project view to an initiative view
  • Managing at the portfolio level
  • Imposing discipline - governance, measurement, and accountability

What is the Initiative View?

The 3e Factor initiative view starts from two basic premises:

  • Isolated project views are not sufficient to produce the required business outcomes, even if all projects could be evaluated based on business results
  • All of the additional activities and projects that are necessary and contribute to achieving results need to be identified.

This view ensures that all the activities and capabilities required to achieve desired outcomes are identified, including:

  • Business projects (for example, process redesign, restructuring)
  • Technology projects
  • Legislative, policy, regulatory, and directive changes
  • Organizational changes needed
  • Intermediate outcomes that provide capabilities to be exploited for business outcomes

The initiative view takes a “big picture” perspective - how the pieces are linked together
and how people and/or places in the organization are affected.

This allows organizations to thoroughly plan, organize, and manage the initiative because the technology, organization, processes, and people have been evaluated in terms of how they fit together.

What is the Focus?

The 3e Factor approach focusses on:

  • Realising benefits, not just providing deliverables
  • Supporting project, portfolio, program and initiative levels
  • Supports an enterprise approach
  • Adjusting and resetting prioritises along the way
  • Detailing and assigning accountabilities
  • Facilitating on-going and post project evaluation of hard and soft benefits

Critical Success Factors

The 3e Factor approach is based on the following factors that are critical to success in Outcomes and Change Management:

  • Aligning outcomes with business and organisational priorities
  • Articulating both the business and IT outcomes
  • Engaging all stakeholders in the process
  • Providing flexibility in defining intangible or “soft” benefits
  • Conducting Outcome Management early in the lifecycle
  • Integrating Outcome Management with existing methods, frameworks and tools
  • Establishing champions, high performance teams, education and effective communication
  • Overcoming systemic organisational challenges
  • Conducting cost-benefit analysis to document areas for cost avoidance
  • Conducting options analysis
  • Providing clear definition of soft benefits

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