The 3e Factor
Turning Strategic Thinking Into Reality by Developing Corporate Capability

Program Management and Governance

The 3e Factor approach to Program Management and Governance is based on a clear understanding of the principles for success in business transformation. It expands the focus beyond delivering projects on time and on budget to include the delivery of outcomes and value required by the stakeholders.

This expanded view incorporates two key principles:

  • Effective Program Governance is the key to a successful outcome; and
  • Effective Program Governance requires the Project Steering Committee and Project Management to ensure all key aspects of governance are addressed.

What is the Focus?

The 3e Factor Program Management and Governance services address all the key factors that are essential to a successful outcome. These include:

  • Understanding what it takes to successfully drive business transformation
  • Managing Expectations
  • Managing Risk
  • Mentoring
  • Ensuring Project Design covers all bases, including:
    • Time
    • Quality
    • Budget
  • Recognising all the dimensions of scope and how they should be managed

Critical Success Factors

The 3e Factor approach is based on the following factors that are critical to success in Program Management and Governance:

  • Share ownership of project outcomes with the Governance team.
  • Achieving the Business Objectives by understanding the value of change management.
  • Engage Sponsors and Steering Committee to be owners of the outcome.
  • Managing risk is the key responsibility of the Steering Committee and Project Manager, who must:
    • Proactively identify risks
    • Keep risk management visible
    • Ensure mitigations are in place and monitored regularly

Mentoring - The 3e Factor Role

  • Experienced Trusted Advisor and sounding board to Project Management
  • Guidance to the Steering Committee - an active participant driving engagement and the correct behavior.
  • An independent view

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