The 3e Factor
Turning Strategic Thinking Into Reality by Developing Corporate Capability

Leadership Development


The 3eFactor offers a wide range of Leadership and Development Workshops to assist in creating high performance through improved leadership capabilities. These workshops include:

Leadership Styles and Capability Workshop

This workshop introduces the capability needs for the future leader and links these to performance, collaboration, project roles and behavioural styles.  This interactive session involves some tough provoking exercises and some facilitated robust dialogue on issues and opportunities for business to move forward.

Vision into Action Workshop

A workshop that builds on the themes above linking them to culture, change and strategy.  The Future Backwards tool is used to describe best and worst possible outcomes and develop strategies to achieve positive outcomes.

This workshop is designed to develop strategic thinking, situational leadership, influencing, how to lead and inspire powerfully, team generation by introducing narrative and other tools. Touches on self management, developing emotional intelligence, building self confidence and communication skills.

Advanced Leadership Concepts Workshop

A workshop that includes key elements of global leadership such as collective intelligence, stepping into the future, strategic thinking, consequential thinking and design and brand awareness.

Prioritisation Workshop

This workshop summarises the learnings and insights discovered from the other workshops and prioritises the agreed actions in terms of Most Significant Change, Ritualised Descent and Decision games are applied by the group to determine which initiatives will be developed into projects for Phase 3.

For further information on our Workshops and other Leadership and Development programs, please contact us.