The 3e Factor
Turning Strategic Thinking Into Reality by Developing Corporate Capability

Trusted Advisor Services

Our Professional Trusted Advisor Services

Get the business transformation and competitive advantage that allows you to develop and retain your people talent and engage high performance culture.

Executive Coaching

Empower executives to master their leadership competencies, empower, guide & inspire their leadership teams.

Collaboration and Knowledge

Building enhanced productivity, capability and innovation through building stronger workplace relationships, increasing collaboration and improving people interactions and stewarding project teams to be agents of change.

Board Governance and Evaluation

Assisting boards of directors to develop the “soft” skills attributable to performance enhancement, including input to the organisations strategic direction.


Work with corporate executive leadership teams to develop practical and implementable strategies.

Social Networking and Facilitation

Analysing organisational networks & applying social network tools to support increased productivity, creativity and innovation.

Program Management and Governance

Setting up effective project management centres of excellence, with professional governance and centres of learning and knowledge.

Outcomes and Change Management

Setting up platforms for benefits realisation; Leading and managing the change process.

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